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New Trends in Bathroom Design: Ceiling Mounted Shower Heads

Aug 11,2021 | Vicky

A very cool new trend in bathroom design is the ceiling mounted shower system. In contrast to traditional showerheads, ceiling-mounted units spray water directly from the wall, simulating the sensation of standing in a warm, relaxing rain. These waterfall faucets can give you a true spa experience

If you've ever enjoyed standing in a soft, cool summer rain, you may want to consider installing a ceiling-mounted shower head (also known as a ceiling-mounted or flush-mounted shower head). The water falling from these units cascades over your entire body, providing a bathing experience that is both deeply refreshing and perfectly natural.

Types of Shower Heads

There are several types of ceiling shower heads to pick from, including single spray, multi-function, rainfall shower and dual head. Here’s a breakdown of each:

Single spray shower heads are an extremely common showerhead as it tends to be extra affordable. You get great pressure with a good amount of coverage.

Multi-function shower heads offer you a variety of shower heads in one. You can get the handheld shower along with the rain shower. Plus you can also choose between massage, rain, mist, and other options.

Rainfall shower heads offer true luxury in the shower. They are mounted on the ceiling and come with several jets that spray a good amount of water, covering every inch of your body.

Dual shower heads can be really fun, giving you two shower heads all at once. One to shower you from above along with a handheld showerhead you can remove from the wall and use to get to the less-accessible parts, or even help wash a dog (or an unruly kid).


Style: Ceiling mounted shower heads are a beautiful and sophisticated design. They can transform any bathroom from drab to elegant.

Coverage:  If you are standing under a ceiling mounted shower head, there’s no need to twist, turn or stoop. Because the water is falling directly from above, it hits every part of your body at the same time.

Versatility: Unlike traditional shower head models, ceiling mounted shower heads often come with some really great features, from a water-saving trickle to a pulsating massage and more.


Choosing a ceiling shower head might seem simple and straightforward enough, but you'll want to weigh the following factors when deciding which model to purchase.

Enough room? Consider whether your shower stall or tub is large enough to handle all that “rain water.” The larger shower head means a larger area in your bathroom will be getting wet.


Overhead shower heads come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can pick from round or square, which can be something you have to consider with your existing plumbing and bathroom decor. If you have a more modern or contemporary bathroom, a square head may be the better option. 


Most overhead shower heads can run from 6 to 12 inches in diameter. The larger the head, the larger the area that gets wet. Although most of us may immediately want to jump to the larger shower head, you should note whether your plumbing requires or runs on lower water pressure. Lower water pressure may mean a smaller shower head so there are fewer nozzles.


What type of spray do you want: firm and invigorating or soft and gentle? Rain, mist or waterfall? If you’re the only one using the shower, pick a shower head with the dispersal pattern you like. For a family, choose a multi-function head that can be tailored to suit everyone's individual preferences.

Choose the most suitable shower before you buy