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2022 New Trend Matte Black Shower System

Jan 12,2022 | Lucas

Matte Black, known for its bold and sophisticated finishes, is becoming more and more popular and has become the trend taking over home design! Boyel Living stands out in this movement as well, leading the way with unique Matte Black finishes for kitchen and bathroom faucets, shower systems and shower head designs for the past two years.

Matte Black is one of the most distinctive finishes available and suits almost every home design style. From classic contemporary to modern minimalist, faucets and showerheads in matte black finishes stand out as a bold design choice. On the website, complete matte black shower systems with handheld shower are among the most searched for products, a finish that is clearly on trend and in high demand. So once again, we've combined our new design for shower systems with a matte black finish - a simple yet stylized look combined with a bold and sophisticated matte black finish that makes the complete shower system the center of attention in your bathroom.

If you want to see the new trend of matte black shower systems for 2022, then this post will recommend three of Boyel Living's newly designed matte black shower systems with handheld showerheads. Let's see how they incorporate matte black into your bathroom design through a lot of beautiful pictures.


Boyel Living 2-Spray Patterns Thermostatic 12 in. Wall Mount Shower System Dual Shower Heads with Handheld Shower in Matte Black


Boyel Living 10 in. High Pressure Dual Shower Heads Shower System with 3-Handle in Matte Black


Boyel Living 10 in. Square High Pressure Shower System with Handheld Shower Head in Matte Black

Do you like them? In any case, the matte black shower system is definitely a great option to consider. If you like it, click their link now to explore more!