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Top 10 Tips for Remodeling a Small Bathroom With Ease and Elegance

May 29,2021 | Vicky

Top 10 Tips for Remodeling a Small Bathroom With Ease and Elegance

Bathrooms are tough rooms to make stylish. The majority of bathrooms are small and confined making them difficult to decorate. However, with a few small tweaks, remodeling a small bathroom can transform the feel of your home. Suddenly, what was once a grungy, tiny space your family wanted to avoid will become something of an oasis.

Here are 10 tips to get your next small bathroom-remodeling project off to a strong start.

1. Choose A Color Theme

Your color theme sets the tone for the entire room. Come up with the color theme before you begin your remodel so you can match your cabinetry and flooring in the right way.

2. Contrast Colors For A Bigger Space

To make your space look bigger, go lighter on the flooring and darker on the furniture or vice versa. This will expand the space visually without you having to expand the square footage.

3. Creative Storage Space

Storage space takes up the majority of the room in a small bathroom. Be strategic about how you incorporate storage into your design. Plan on where you will store your linens, toilet paper and other essentials before beginning your remodel.


4. Use Lines For Chic Touches

Horizontal lines across the shower, or lines along the flooring personalize your bathroom without overtaking the room. Try not to go middle of the road. Instead, add a very thin accent line across the backsplash of your shower or along your floor to keep it flowing but not overwhelming.

5. Less Is More

For a small space, eliminate the bathtub or use it to incorporate some design and storage space. Remember, less is more so avoid any items that you absolutely do not need or will not use.

6. Smarter Lighting

Add recessed pot lights to add light, but minimize bulk. Not ever bathroom needs to have large, gaudy vanity lights. Add one smaller vanity light and multiple pot lights to give the warm glow you need in a bathroom.

7. Add Only A Few Accents

You don’t want to overpower your small space with patterns and design, but you do want to add a personal touch. Incorporate small items to make a bold statement, such as a few designer tiles or some draperies around the shower space.

8. Mirror As A Focal Point

For extra small spaces, add an extra large mirror. This will instantly make your room look bigger and give the bathroom a more dramatic design.

9. Eliinate The Toilet

Instead of using a traditional toilet, add a wall toilet. This is a toilet that hangs on the wall instead of sits flush up against it. Wall toilets take up far less space and still look chic.

10. Curve Your Design

Consider adding a curved shower to your bathroom. They take up slightly less space, but offer plenty of room inside! Curved corner showers also add a design impact with it’s non-rectangular design.

When it comes to remodeling a small bathroom, there are plenty of ideas to give you more space so your personality can shine.